This past week, for my son & daughter's mid-winter break, we decided to make a trip to NYC to show them some of the sights Jennifer and I were able to see the past 2 years.  Fortunately for us, that was really made possible by being the lucky photographer for Emily & Pat's wedding which we made a trip for NYC engagement photos in 2016, and came back in 2017 for the wedding at the Battello in Jersey City!  Long story short, we fell in love with the area, the tourist spots, the local spots, the food... oh, the food. So, it was a lot of fun to let the kids experience it as well.

To be honest, as we went around NYC, and visited sights we took photos with Emily & Pat, I thought of them and the time we spent together - Central Park, SOHO, etc.  I didn't reach out, assuming they were busy with work & life, but on our last day Emily messaged me on Instagram to say hello & it was a pleasant surprise!  And since then, I realized that I need to share this wedding on my blog, website & extensive list of followers (hi, mom & dad!)

I can't thank Emily & Patrick enough for having us for your wedding day, and next time we make it to NYC I hope we can meet up & catch up :)

BTW, can we please talk about the details of this wedding..!? It was seriously a photographer's dream come true from the table settings, floral arrangements, venue & food selection... blown away Emily & Pat, well done!


Photography by Michigan Wedding Photographer JR Magat