I am in LOVE with my new business cards, and I wanted to share & show them off in more detail. So, here they are! These were ordered from ("LUXE" business card) which is their new premium business card, which features a nice THICK card stock and lining options (see the blue sides - SO cool!). I knew I wanted to order these cards after I saw some samples of them, and I worked with my good friend, Anita Hoepner, who is a talented graphic designer to help design the card. The back was inspired by the "Guttenburg" template from but Anita came up with the genius idea to add the QR Code (again, SO cool!) - scan the picture and try it out! Haha! I cannot say enough about  Anita and! The first batch of cards had the front logo SLIGHTLY off-center, which I am 99.9% sure was my own fault for not paying CLOSE attention to the digital proof, BUT they re-printed my order, NO questions asked, which convinced me that this company takes care of their customers & I will definitely re-order from them and recommend them to anyone looking to order business cards.

PROS: Quality, Customer Service, Excellent Packaging, Customized, Fast Printing/Shipping CONS: Would liked if the print had a bit of "feel" to it or letter press option